New Foundations is a safe haven for individuals active in recovery.
    Currently there are two New Foundation homes centrally located in Santa Rosa. The
    goal of New Foundations is to provide support and solid footing necessary to create
    strong, happy successful lives, free of drugs and alcohol.

           Early sobriety takes on many challenges. Individuals in recovery have
    accomplished the first important step by attending a program that has taught the
    basics of drug free living. The next step is just as crucial to ensure a continued life of

           Research shows that a newly recovering person optimizes their success the longer
    they stay away from their using environment. It is essential that clean and sober
    environments exist that are conducive to this ultimate vision.

           New Foundations is unique from other sober living environment homes. Residents
    here actively participate in the process of creating the environment. The group comes
    together and decides what the standards of the house will be. When people in
    recovery support each other…ultimately they improve the odds of success for one

           In addition to providing a supportive new foundation, one on one assistance is
    available for those basic but important “life skills”. Whether one needs help with
    resume writing, balancing a checkbook or correcting financial wreckage, we can help.

           The goal  of New Foundations is to foster happy, healthy proactive living. Our
    vision is to provide a solid, supportive new foundation necessary for those in recovery
    so they can reach for the stars and make all their dreams come true.

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