A Sober Living Environment
Frequently Asked Questions
New Foundations LLC

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Why should I move into a Sober Living Environment?
    Statistics prove that the longer you are away from your familiar using environment, the
    more likely you are to succeed in your recovery.

    What makes your SLE unique?
    New Foundations offers homes filled with recovery and support. Each home is totally
    furnished from linens and towels to laundry soap and condiments. Each house has the
    luxury of a hot tub or pool as well as a ping-pong or pool table. Each house has beautifully
    manicured yards in private settings.

    What sort of advantages does New Foundations offer?
    Optimal proximity to meetings, public transportation, parks and shopping. We all want
    sobriety to be a positive experience so we engage in sober fun activities, outings and

    Do you offer additional support?
    We can provide basic financial advice and steer you in the right direction for further
    professional counseling and help.

    What are your prerequisites?
    Ideally, we would prefer that you attended a 30 day treatment center. It gives you 30
    days of detoxification plus well needed instruction and support. However, if you are
    serious about your sobriety and want a healthy supportive atmosphere arrangements
    will be gladly made.

    What do I need to bring when I need?
    Clothes, toiletries, a positive attitude,and a desire to change your life for the better.

    How often are house meetings?
    Twice a week, Sunday and  Thursday nights.

    What is my curfew?
    Your first thirty days has an earlier curfew to help you learn to balance your new
    lifestyle, meetings.

    Are there requirements?
    As a suggestion, we provide meeting sheets to be signed at either AA or NA meetings.
    This is to encourage you to keep your 90 meetings in 90 days commitment. We also
    provide brief daily and weekly worksheets to fill out to help you plan your day and
    achieve your goals.